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    Free Radio in Salon

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    So in their Search of the AtoZ of Worcester Free Radios's Hursty&Helen chose the Flagship Salon as their Venue for H for Hair we were tasked with teaching Hursty some tricks of the trade, We even got Helen to wash & Style Hurstys Hair. 

    All the Gear No Idea!!!

    IMG 5265

    Cat Teaching Hursty a French Plaite

    IMG 5267

    hUrsty is foiling yes thats right!!!!

    Jan let Hursty do 1 foil although it took 10mins it was pretty neat and tidy all over seen by the Master Colour Expert Naomi obviously 

    IMG 5278

    Meanwhile Helen Relaxes 

    IMG 5270

    Helen Washes and Styles Hurstys Hair....

    IMG 5279

    IMG 5282

    Lots of Mousse and Velcro rollers meant Hursty Left with Very Bouncy HAIR!!

    IMG 5287