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    Live Cut on TV for BBC Children in Need

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    Live Cut on BBC Midlands today for Children in Need.




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    We arrived at the Hive for a briefing shortly after 6pm.  It was an amazing atmosphere,

    some may say a ‘Hive of activity’.


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    Screens & cameras everywhere security & runners all over the building coordinating every fine detail.







    We were introduced to Amelie & her Mum & were shown & talked through the script, the Hive was full of people all doing fantastic things to raise money for a great cause & it was an enlightening experience being in a building filled with such energy & kindness. 


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    Naomi prepped Amelies hair into two plaits (several times until she was happy) ready for the chop. 

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    We were called to a rehearsal & the floor manager was doing an incredible job of organizing so many people (adults & Children) he went through with Naomi & Amelie how it was to go. 



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    Presenter Andy Akinwolere going through a few last things with them. We did a couple of dry runs so they could get the film angles correct & then we were told we would be going live in 5 minutes.  An unanticipated cold silence filled the room, every one was nervous presenters included. 



    Then we hear the count down we are live in 5…4…3…2….
    (such a small world Jacobs (Ian & Naomis Son) Teacher Miss White 4th lady from left of white piller at the top was actually in the audience watching).IMG 6509


    Press play and watch it as it happened.

    We finished on set & found a space for Naomi to finish Amelies cut.
    IMG 6516

    Some pictures of the finished lookIMG 6522


    The Hair donated to Little princess trust was over 18" long and weighed 137 grams increadable. 

    We were honored to be a part of something so kind & generous, young Amelie has almost never had her hair cut before only the odd trim every other year we have invited her to the salon so she can have it washed and cut in our usual surroundings to perfect the cut when she is next in Worcester!!

    She has done a brilliant thing & her just giving page is still live so please if you haven’t donated yet please do. Her just giving page is


    Before & After 

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    IMG 6528



    A great evening was had by all & it was a tremendous insight into how much work it takes to get a live studio rolling & all performing on camera.



    All the stars wanted to have a photo with Naomi...
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