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Are my ghd stylers genuine?

Avant Garde is an approved ghd retailer

Sadly, more and more fake and counterfeit ghd stylers are getting sold. It is very important that you buy genuine ghd stylers rather than cheap knock-offs because the poor quality construction and lack of safety checks can cause serious injury, electrocution and burns –not to mention hair damage!

AVANTGARDE are approved ghd stockists which means we only stock ghd stylers that are supplied directly from ghd themselves. This has the added advantage that you’re always guaranteed of stock availability and the very best offers!

How can I tell if my ghd stylers are genuine?

Verifying that your stylers are genuine is simple, apart from the build quality (genuine ghd stylers should feel sturdy but light) each ghd styler should come in an official box which has a security seal at either end.

If the seal is broken, the next best method of identifying genuine ghd stylers is by checking for one of the two ghd holograms: one will be on the cable near the plug, the other will be on the inside of the styler’s arms. The holograms should have a picture of the irons on it with ghd written in the background:

ghd hologram

Finally, each pair of ghd stylers has a unique registration code which you can use to register your ghd stylers on the official ghd website which verifies their authenticity.

Other signs that the retailer is selling counterfeit ghd stylers:

  • The price is less than £70
  • The stylers are being shipped from outside the UK
  • There is no 2 year guarantee with the stylers

Please also be aware that unofficial retailers will most likely claim they are official so be careful to check that their details appear on ghd’s salon locator. To check the authenticity of AVANTGARDE, you can click this link.

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