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    Mark Blake Trichology
    Thinning Hair Specialist

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    Avant Garde have teamed up with Harley Street Trichologist & Thinning hair expert Mark Blake

    Avant Garde’s Obsession with providing clients with the highest level of service have led them to bring in Thinning Hair Guru Mark Blake. a Thinning Hair specialist who will be on hand to educate our team and take care of any of Avant Garde's Clients who need that extra support for thinning hair in WOrcester. Mark will be meeting clients at the Saint Martins Quarter salon when we hold our thinning Hair events held 3 times a year. If you would like to see mark outside these times please feel free to contact him via his website by clicking on the website image at the bottom of the page and Say Avant Garde Sent you.

    Meet Mark Blake

    markblakeMark Blake Trichology specialises in hair loss and thinning hair. He works directly with you to diagnose, treat or manage hair and scalp disorders.

    With over 30 years of experience in hair expertise his knowledge of hair is unquestionable, he offers an honest and ethical approach to clinical trichology.

    Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp. A Trichologist spends years studying hair and scalp disorders and will often see the first signs of a serious underlying medical condition, as the hair and scalp can respond to even slight changes in the body.


    He was an award winning hairdresser and respected hairdressing Industry expert, having worked closely on various pioneering projects in the market, frequently testing new products for L’Oreal and other manufacturers.

    More recently Mark has followed his passion for maximising growth and condition of ‘thinning hair’ advising clients on how best to cut and style their thin hair and the best colour technique to ensure it looks its very best.

    Mark is a Nioxin trained specialist for products to give thicker fuller hair as well as being an associate of the Institute of Trichologists and bound by their strict code of ethics.



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