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    Living Proof
    Co-owned by Jennifer Aniston

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    Avant Garde Became the 1st and only Worcester stockist of this outstanding product range. Selected by Living Proof itself, Avant Garde Were chosen to be the Worcester professional Centre for Living Proof. with only 80 UK Salon Stockists Allowed, we are delighted to bring this new and exciting product range to Worcester.


    About Living Proof

    Living Proof is where beauty meets brilliant science.

    Born in the heart of biotech, in Cambridge, MA, Living Proof was founded by world-class biotech scientists and beauty experts with one simple ambition: challenge conventional wisdom to solve your toughest beauty problems. Using technology originating from MIT, we invent and patent new molecules that have never been used in beauty before. With over 45 awards to date, our company continues to develop innovative solutions that change the way our hair and skin behaves, revolutionizing the world of beauty. For head turning, bliss creating, confidence boosting results. We stop at nothing short of products that keep their promise. And the only one who can prove it, is you.

    You are the living proof.

    Our Philosophy


    We are not a traditional beauty company.
    We are more than that.

    We believe in rethinking conventional wisdom.
    We believe when you can’t find something that works, you invent it.
    We believe the answers are found in science.
    We believe that beauty and brains are the best formula.
    We believe a product should keep its promises.
    We believe every day can be a good hair day.
    We believe beauty is more than skin deep.
    We believe in day-making, bliss-creating, confidence-boosting results.
    We believe you are the living proof.

    The Living Proof Story

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    The Living Proof story is a story of beautiful chemistry. An alchemy of brilliant scientists coming together with industry veterans to truly solve beauty problems.


    It started back in 2004 when Dr. Bob Langer, MIT Institute Professor and world-renowned biotech inventor, teamed up with Jon Flint and Dr. Amir Nashat, partners in the international venture capital firm Polaris Venture Partners. They took a look at the beauty industry and what was actually in beauty products. They discovered that, for both hair and skin products, the beauty industry has relied on the same off the shelf ingredients, most of them far too ineffective to make any real, long lasting impact. This inspired our founders to create new technologies that would offer women "proof in a bottle," rather than "hope in a bottle." So, they assembled a team of scientists from outside the beauty category-scientists from pharma, biotech and medicine - who didn't have any preconceived notions of what could or couldn't be possible in beauty. But the beautiful chemistry didn't end there.


    An ingenious collaboration was born when the scientists teamed up with beauty experts like celebrity hair stylist Ward Stegerhoek and entrepreneurial stylist Mitch Derosa, iconic industry veterans who knew women's struggles with traditional beauty products. Beauty met brilliant science, and Living Proof was born.


    The Products


    FullFull Franchise

    Full creates body and volume that lasts 5x longer.
    Many of us suffer from flat, thin, limp hair. Strands are so fine and smooth that they lie flat – one on top of the other. The lack of texture in hair is what makes creating fullness difficult. And conventional volumizing products rely on stiff, brittle resins that glue hair up and away from the scalp. They’re stiff and untouchable, flaking easily and quickly falling flat. We knew there had to be a better solution.
    So we went to work in our labs and invented Full, our multi-award winning line of thickening products that creates body and bounce for even the finest, flattest hair. Our patented thickening molecule, PBAE, creates a microscopic pattern of thickening points on every hair strand, making hair look and behave like full, thick hair. Full creates long-lasting, revivable fullness that you can run your hands through. It is never flaky, never stiff. And it’s proven to create volume that lasts 5x longer than traditional volumizers.

    All of the products in this award-winning collection are silicone- and oil-free and safe for color and chemically treated hair.

    Full Shampoo

    • Sulfate-free
    • Removes any trace of dirt or oil without stripping the hair

    Full Conditioner

    • Detangles and conditions hair weightlessly
    • Formulated specifically to care for fine, thin or lifeless hair

    Full Thickening Cream

    • Long lasting and revivable
    • Light conditioning

    Full Thickening Mousse

    • Long lasting and revivable
    • Light hold

    Full Root Lifting Spray

    • Gives lift and height
    • Results last all day


    RestoreRestore Franchise

    Our award-winning Restore line for dry or damaged hair repairs and prevents damage and breakage. Everyday stressors damage the natural protective layer on healthy hair, leaving it porous – unable to seal in moisture and control moisture flux. When moisture is not balanced or controlled, hair strands swell and contract until its structure begins to break down. Restore is formulated with our patented moisture-controlling molecule, OFPMA, to prevent harmful moisture flux, so moisture flow is balanced and controlled, allowing the hair to stay intact and become healthy. Restore also provides broad spectrum UV and thermal protection up to 450°. After 14 days of using the Restore line, hair is shinier, softer and stronger. The longer you use it, the healthier your hair gets. In fact, clinical results show that hair is 20x stronger after using the Restore system for 2 weeks.

    Restore Shampoo

    • Sulfate-free, silicone & oil-free
    • Lather-rich formula removes any trace of dirt or oil without stripping the hair

    Restore Conditioner

    • For everyday, silicone and oil-free conditioning of dry or damaged hair that helps keep hair cleaner, longer while reducing the need to shampoo and style as frequently

    Restore Mask Treatment

    • Protects hair from up to 95% breakage with one use weekly
    • Silicone and oil-free treatment that corrects and protects each strand weightlessly, increasing strength, manageability and shine without heavy, greasy residue

    Restore Revitalizing Spray

    • Ultra-lightweight revitalizing spray for use on wet and dry hair that instantly polishes and perfects dry or damaged hair while also defending against heat and UV damage
    • Applied to dry hair, Restore Revitalizing Spray protects against UV protection for up to 12 hours

    Restore Targeted Repair Cream

    • Lightweight, leave-in cream for use on wet and dry hair that instantly adds shine, smoothes cuticles and repairs split ends
    • Offers 93% protection from breakage and protects hair from the damage of styling and harmful UV rays

    FrizzNofrizz Franchise

    When our scientists decided to tackle frizz, they first identified the two causes of frizz: friction and humidity. Second, they looked at the existing products on the market. They found a very interesting thing. Of thousands of products analyzed, all of them used the exact same ingredients for over 30 years — silicones and oils.

    The problem is that silicones and oils are not effective in blocking humidity and they weigh hair down, making strands feel greasy.We thought there must be a better way. So we invented OFPMA, our patented moisture-controlling molecule behind our award winning, breakthrough No Frizz line. OFPMA literally repels humidity, stopping frizz before it can start. How? OFPMA creates a weightless, invisible shield that wraps around each strand to block humidity. At the same time, OFPMA smoothes hair texture so every strand is polished and frictionless. The formula is weightless, so hair is glossy and smooth without ever feeling heavy or greasy. In fact, No Frizz technology is clinically proven to be 70% more effective in blocking humidity than conventional anti-frizz products. 

    No Frizz Shampoo

    • Sulfate-free
    • Removes any trace of dirt or oil without stripping the hair

    No Frizz Shampoo

    • Makes hair more smooth and manageable

    No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

    • Nourishes and adds moisture
    • Detangles
    • Tames frizz and smooths flyaway

    No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray

    • Lightweight oil-free, silicone-free spray that
    • blocks frizz
    • Well-suited for fine hair
    • Apply liberally to damp hair before styling

    No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

    • Weightlessly blocks humidity
    • Nourishes and conditions
    • Apply liberally to damp hair before styling


    Style LAb

    Style | Lab is Living Proof's collection of high performance styling products that combine cutting edge science + cutting edge style.
    Living Proof was not only founded by history-making biomedical scientists, but also by accomplished, seasoned stylists with decades in the business. These hair masters - Mitch DeRosa and Ward Stegerhoek – have added renowned celebrity stylist, Chris McMillan, and editorial stylist, Tim Rogers, to the team, and together they continue to drive product creation and innovation, challenging our scientists to take styling to the next level.