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    As a newly appointed centre of excellence for Viviscal professional, Avant Garde bring this amazing product to Worcester exclusivly as the Worcestershire distrubutor & Training facility of this show stopping hair growth programme.


    Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements are scientifically proven to help nourish thinning hair and promote healthy hair growth from within. Only Viviscal Professional supplements contain the exclusive marine protein complex AminoMar C.

    Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Loss Vitamins 60 Tablets
    would recommend it to a friend
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    Professional is recommended
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    celebrity hair stylists,
    trichologists and dermatologists,
    across the world.


    works in four stages over a six month period. Most users notice a difference after just three to four months.


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    What are the key active ingredients in Viviscal Professional?




    AminoMar C™ is a groundbreaking proprietary marine protein complex.

    A professor from Scandinavia discovered from his study of the Inuits in the 1980’s that their great hair and skin was as a result of their fish and protein rich diet. He isolated the key protein molecules from the Inuits’ diet and it was from these origins that AminoMar C™ was created. Viviscal Professional supplements contain 475mg of AminoMar C™ combined with Biotin and Apple Extract to fortify and promote healthy hair growth from within.

    Since the professor’s discovery, Viviscal has been tried and tested by leading stylists and experts worldwide.

    Two tablets of Viviscal Professional contain


    AminoMar CTM (Marine Protein Complex)


    Vitamin C (50% RDA*)


    Biotin (390% RDA) 195µg (micro gram)

    150µg (micro gram)

    Apple Extract Powder






    *Recommended Daily Allowance


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    The Vitamin C in Viviscal is sourced from both the Acerola Cherry and Ascorbic Acid. It provides 50% of your recommended daily allowance.

    Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin- B2) favourably affects follicles during the anagen phase (growing phase) of the hair growth cycle. It may increase the density and diameter of hairs positively affecting the hair growth cycle. It also has an anti-oxidant effect.

    L-Cystine and L-Methionine are essential amino acids in the formation of hair and skin offering a positive effect on hair growth.

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