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    Flagship - St Martins Quarter Salon
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    OL08 V3 131031The Brand New Flagship Avant Garde Salon is one of the finest salon design and build projects in the UK this year. Opening its doors in May 2014 Avant Garde have put lots of thought into how they can make the clients experience one to remember. From the layout of the stations that can give clients who want to be in the limelight to those who prefer to be sat away from the viewing eyes of the public walking past.

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    A Seperate room awaits you for the ultimate in relaxation with massage chairs and soft lighting in the spa area. Avant Garde  have invested heavily in State of the art LED light panels that omit natural day light so you can see how your colour really looks without having to wait until you go outside to see whats its really like.


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     Clients can expect the luxurious environment to be more than matched by the service the fantastic team provide making sure you get exactly what you want working closly with you to make sure your hair becomes your prized possesion. Located by Costa Coffee, just off City Walls Road, makes the Flasghsip Salon one of the most convienent locations in the city. It is yards away from the ASDA carpark, Charging £2 for 2 hours. You can claim the £2 back at ASDA or in the Salon using the refund voucher given when you pay to park.

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