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System Professional combines cutting edge science with dedicated hairdressing mastery to push the limits of hair quality and beauty. Because they believe your hair is a living part of you, as unique as your fingerprint, System Professional prescribe a care system tailored to its specific energy needs, putting performance first. From an personalised diagnosis in salon to a highly personalised range of products to use at home, System Professional deliver a complete, made-to-measure care system that totally transforms the beauty of hair.


Designed to reconstruct damaged and fragile hair fiber.

Range includes:
R1 | Repair Shampoo
R2 | Repair Conditioner
R3 | Repair Mask
R4 | Repair Emulsion
R+ | Repair Infusion
R5 | Repair Perfect Hair
R6 | Repair Perfect Ends


Designed to protect the hair from damage through sun exposure

Range includes:

Sol 1 | Solar Hair & Body Shampoo
Sol 2 | Solar Hydro Repair Conditioner
Sol 4 | Solar Sun Oil
Sol 5 | Solar Sealing Cream
Sol 6 | Solar Helio Spray


Designed to detangle and soften rebellious, curly and unruly hair

Range inlcudes:

S1 | Smoothen Shampoo
S2 | Smoothen Conditioner
S3 | Smoothen Mask
S+ | Smoothen Infusion
S6 | Smoothen Curl Definer


Designed to strengthen and uplift fine hair

Range includes:

V1 | Volumize Shampoo
V3 | Volumize Mask
V4 | Volumize Emulsion
V+ | Volumize Infusion
V5 | Volumize Aerolifter
V6 | Volumize Bodyfying Foam


Designed to deeply restore dry hair's moisture balance

Range incudes:

H1 | Hydrate Shampoo
H2 | Hydrate Conditioner
H3 | Hydrate Mask
H4 | Hydrate Emulsion
H+ | Hydrate Infusion
H5 | Hydrate Quenching Mist


Designed to care and soothe the scalp

Range includes:

B1 | Balance Shampoo
B3 | Balance Mask
B4 | Balance Energy Serum
B5 | Balance Lotion


Designed to deeply cleanse and reduce dandruff

Range includes:

P1 | Purify Shampoo
P3 | Purify Mask
P4 | Purify Shampeeling
P5 | Purify Lotion

Color Save

Designed to repair and enhance color treated hair for lasting brilliance

Range includes:

C1 | Color Save Shampoo
C2 | Color Save Conditioner
C3 | Color Save Mask
C+ | Color Save Infusion
C5f | Color Save Fluid
C5b | Color Save Bi Phase Conditioner
C6 | Color Save Shimmering Spray


Our first high performance, light-weight oil care line which provides a truly nourishing experience for your hair.

Range includes:

L1 | Keratin Protect Shampoo
L2 | Keratin Conditioning Cream
L3 | Keratin Restore Mask
L4 | Reconstructive Elixir
L5 | Keratin Boost Essence
L6 | Light Oil Spray


Designed for high performance results with the most advanced technologies from system professional

Range includes:

X1d | Deep Cleanser Shampoo
X1s | Silver Blond Shampoo
X2e | Elastic Force
X4p | Perm Lock Emulsion
X4c | Color Lock Emulsion
X4l | Liquid Hair
X5a | Alpha Energy