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Our experienced and talented team are advanced technical experts in hair colour including balayage, contouring, root blending, highlights and lowlights and everything in between. We love a colour transformation and pride ourselves on creating colourful creations that are on-trend and easy to maintain with the right aftercare and hair treatments.

Colours from frosty blonde, soft pastel tips, copper and blonde balayage to bright bubblegum braids all take time and TLC when you get home. Bring a picture along to your free consultation which you will need before embarking on any hair colour transformation. If you are in need of more inspiration check out our Instagram feed.

New to hair colour? Read our handy hair colour for beginners guide.

Please note:  Don't skip the skin test! All our salons are colour responsible which means we will require you to pop in for a quick skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment. This applies to those who are new to the salon, new to colour and those have coloured their hair at home in between appointments. We have to skin test every 6 months regardless of regular appointments due to guidelines.

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Balayage Hair Colour

Looking for the best balayage in Worcester?  You've come to the right place!  Balayage is one of the most stylish and sought-after hair colour looks in the UK, and at Avant Garde, our talented stylists use their expert knowledge and years of experience to create bespoke, subtle colours that highlight the areas of your hair which would naturally lighten in the sun.  We use Wella Professionals' award-winning Freelights formula to ensure that the balayage treatment you receive from us is of the highest possible quality.

With hundreds of balayage shades and application techniques to choose from, it can be difficult to know what the right choice is for your hair.  At your complimentary colour consultation, our stylists will help you to choose a look you're happy with by recommending the best styles to suit your hair colour, hair type, face shape, and skin tone.

Highlights & Babylights

At Avant Garde, we love being creative with colour, and highlights can be a great way to add extra interest to your hair. Highlights can be as subtle or as bold as you like, with beautiful blonde shades being a consistent favourite, and fashion colours, such as pink and silver, growing in popularity.

Highlights can be added to your hair in multiple shades, and to parts of your hair which frame your face, to create a flattering, head-turning look. To give your hair colour greater depth, you could also choose to go over to the dark side by adding some low-lights.

If you're looking for hyper-realistic, natural-looking highlights to brighten up your hair, why not try babylights at our Worcester and Hereford hair salons?  Babylights are the same as highlights but produce a more subtle look because the colour is applied to more areas of your hair, and in thinner sections. Perfect if you want your hair to emulate the angelic golden locks you had when you were little!

Red Hair Colours

Red hair is very versatile and can bring out your skin tone and the colour of your eyes. No hair colour reflects your personality quite like red - and with a wide range of shades to choose from, there's a red hairstyle to suit everyone, not just the brave! If you want a bold shade, nothing says 'classic red hair' quite like fiery or pillar-box shades. For more natural looks, strawberry blonde or copper tones could be the way to go.

Becoming a redhead is a process which can involve effort. At your free hair colour consultation, your stylist will talk you through potential reds to suit you and your lifestyle.

Brunette Hair Shades

Looking to add a touch of depth and sophistication to your hair? At Avant Garde hair salons in Hereford and Worcester, we can add gorgeous, rich brown shades to your hair, allowing you to be your best brunette!  An incredibly versatile colour choice, brown looks great applied as highlights, lowlights, balayage, or all-over colour.   If you're already a brunette, adding other complementary shades of brown can transform your hair - who says blondes have to have all of the fun?

As with all of our colour services, your brunette hair colour service will come with a free colour consultation, during which your stylist will recommend the perfect shades to suit your lifestyle and skin tone.

Fashion Hair Colours 

At Avant Garde, we think life is too short not to try out that bold colour you always dreamt about getting.  We love creating exciting new temporary and permanent fashion colour looks and providing you with inspo which will help you achieve your #hairgoals. The images on the left and centre above were created by our very own talented hairdressers. Check out our Insta page for some of our latest colour creations.

Some of our most popular fashion colours are grey, silver, and platinum-blonde, with shades to suit all personalities, from dark and stormy to silvery and ethereal.  If you're looking for fashion hair colours but would rather not turn heads everywhere you go, you could also try hidden rainbow colours. Whatever hair colour you want to use to express yourself, our stylists will make sure your hair is picture-perfect every time.

Colour Correction

We all hear box-dye horror stories, but sometimes the temptation to dye your own hair can be too much to resist. If you've had a hair dye disaster, or if you simply don't like your latest hair colour choice, we're here to help. At your free colour correction consultation with us, we'll come up with a plan to help you return your hair colour to its former glory, or make it even better!

Our talented specialists can treat any hair colour issues you have, from bleach regrowth and faded colours to bleached hair that's turned green!

Best Salon Reviews

Read some of our fantastic 5 star salon reviews for hair colour in Worcester & Hereford...

Salon Review
Steph Hemsley
Amazing results everytime I visit for a cut & colour. Lovely salon atmosphere with really friendly staff. Thank you!
Salon Review
Tina Powell
Have been to the Warndon branch twice in the last few days. Once for a cut and then today for a colour! Fantastic experience! Fully recommend a visit! 5 ⭐️ salon and staff! Thank you ladies! Will be back in a couple of months xx
Salon Review
Clare Angel
Went from blonde to silver with ash blond highlights and shadowing. Alex was amazing. I feel like a million dollars. I feel like me with this colour. It’s perfect and I’d thoroughly recommend the salon and Alex!