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Manicures, Pedicures & Nails At Avant Garde Hair & Beauty Salons In Worcester

Look your best from top to toe with our lovely range of manicures, pedicures and nail services in Worcester. We use the finest products to ensure we deliver perfect results for every client whether you want a luxury manicure or pedicure, some pretty nail art, nail extensions, or long-lasting gel nails. Read our top tips to achieve long lasting beautiful nails.

 Our nails offer a welcome outlet for a splash of brightness and self-expression. Take inspiration from some of our favourite new nail colours and designs below, then book your manicure, pedicure or gel nails with the expert nail technicians at our Worcester nail bar.

You can book your nail appointment securely online here or call our St Martin's Quarter beauty salon on 01905 617 406 or 01905 758 880 for our  Warndon Villages nail bar. We look forward to welcoming you into Avant Garde Hair & Beauty Salons soon.

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The Latest Nail Trends

Top trending nail colours include black nails with a gothic twist and pops of nail art in a contrasting colour. Classy red nail polish is a firm favourite that never goes out of fashion whilst pastel nail colours are also popular.  For healthy looking, neatly manicured nails you can’t go far wrong with a classic French manicure and glitter nail art is a great way in which to disguise chips and imperfections in the nail!

Top Nail Shapes & Styles

wondering how to find the best nail shape? Our team of expert nail technicians will suggest the most suitable nail shapes that suit your personality and lifestyle perfectly. There are many different nail shapes and designs to choose from for a killer look!

Square Nails | Squared at the tips, this style of nail looks great teamed with a bold colour. 

Almond-Shaped Nails |This style works best on mid length nails. It elongates the nail by being thicker at the base of the nails blending into a more slender peak at the tips. 

 Stilletto Nails (also known as Pointed Nails) | Stiletto nails are long and form a drastic point at the tips. 

Coffin Shaped Nails | Similar to stiletto nails, coffin shaped nails are long & dramatic with tapered sides and a sharp square edge on the tips.

Natural Nails (also known as Squoval Nails | This shape is easy to maintain and looks good on all nail lengths. They have slightly rounded edges creating a classic, feminine look.

Top Nail Care Tips

Make a hand cream your best friend and keep your hands hydrated.

Wear gloves when carrying out household chores.

Avoid spraying your perfume too close to your nails because your scent may well contain some of the same ingredients as nail polish remover!

Similar to perfume, some hair sprays contain chemicals that will wear away at your nail polish. Avoid running your painted nails through your hair.

While we do not suggest you go without bathing, it might be worth cutting your shower short or giving your swimming a miss if you want to keep your nails looking sensational for a special event. Water will raise your nail polish from your nail, meaning it will begin to peel and chip.