Male Grooming in Worcester

Looking to up your grooming game? We offer a range of top-quality grooming treatments for the modern man at our hair & beauty salons in Worcester, tailored to reflect our customers’ individual needs.

Whatever you’re looking for and however much time or little time you have, we’re sure you’ll find your ideal treatment. As well as offering some of the best men's beauty treatments in Worcester, we are also experts in hair styling & hair colouring for men. 

Begin your grooming journey with a consultation at Avant Garde. Book your appointment by calling us using the numbers at the bottom of the page.

Men’s Grooming Services In Worcester


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Manicures For Men

A manicure is a beauty treatment specifically for your hands and nails. A variety of tools, creams and oils are used during the manicure treatment in order to clean and shape your nails so they look buffed and groomed. Our skilled nail technicians will massage your nails, cuticles and the skin on your hands which encourages the renewal of important skin cells and aids nail growth. Regular manicures will leave your nails stronger & healthier.

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Hair Removal Treatments For Men

When it comes to effective hair removal, waxing is quick, easy and has long-lasting benefits. Regular waxing gives you smooth, hair-free skin removing hair directly from the root. Our talented beauty team specialise in waxing for gents’ and offer back waxing, chest waxes and brow waxing for men using the latest innovative treatments & techniques. Male waxing at Avant Garde Hair & Beauty Salons in Worcester will give you a smooth, soft finish every time.

Spray Tanning

Everyone feels better when they’ve got a bit of colour which is why spray tanning is an incredibly popular way to get an amazing fake tan all year round. At our Worcester beauty salons, we offer the safe and effective Sienna X Spray Tanning which ensures a more flawless, even tan in comparison to traditional fake tan lotions. A spray tan is added all over the body using a machine which avoids streaks leaving you with a perfect, bronzed look every time.