Balayage Hair Colour Explained

What Is Balayage? Advice From The Experts At Avant Garde Hairdressers In Worcester & Hereford

Looking for the best balayage in Worcester?  Our hair colour experts have compiled a handy guide to explain the difference between the various balayage hair colour looks. For a beautiful personalised balayage hair colour trust the experts at Avant Garde hairdressers in Worcester & Hereford.

Read on to find out exactly what balayage is and how it compares to ombre, roots melts, colour blends and highlights.

Please note:  All our salons are colour responsible which means we will require you to pop in for a quick skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.  This applies to those who are new to the salon, new to colour, have coloured their hair at home in between appointments. We have to skin test every 6 months regardless of regular appointments due to guidelines.

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Balayage Vs Ombre – Which is Right For Me?

Balayage has become an umbrella term for so many different hair colouring techniques so it’s hard to know which is which! Balayage comes from the word ‘sweep’ in French and is where hand painted colour is applied around the front hairline (colour can also be applied as a foil highlight) to create soft, sun kissed looking highlights.

Ombre offers a more obvious colour blend with the root colour starting as a darker shade seamlessly melting into a lighter, brighter (often blonde) colour towards the ends.  

Highlights, Babylights, Teasy Lights

Highlights, babylights & teasy lights are colouring techniques that can be added throughout the hair to create a personalised look. They are modern versions of the classic full head, half head & T-section highlights. You can have several different tones added to enhance your natural hair colour, they can be bold and dramatic colour choices or simple, muted tones – the choice is yours!

Are Root Melts & Colour Blends The Same As Balayage?

A common question we get asked in our Worcester salons is ‘are colour melts and root stretching the same as balayage?’. The answer is no.

Where as balayage highlights are focused around the face and front hairline, root melts, colour bleeds and colour blends are where highlights are added throughout the hair and your root colour is ‘stretched’ to avoid an obvious regrowth.

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Not sure what balayage hair colouring technique is right for you? Your first step to getting your perfect balayage colour should be to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation where one of our experienced colour technicians will explain the process, price and what can realistically be achieved with your hair.

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