Summer Hair

Summer has arrived! So, isn’t it time you go for that sun-kissed, au-naturale beachy vibe we all lust over as soon as summer time hits?

We’ve all been there, catching the ‘blonde bug’ and trying to lighten our hair with just one application of colour or trip to the salon, expecting to see immediate results… Well, unfortunately for some, this is impossible! Our Designer Stylists and Colour Master Experts will be the first to tell you that lightening your hair can take more than just one shot…

When it comes to achieving lighter hair, it takes strategy, perseverance and commitment! Luckily for you guys, the Avant Garde stylists have this down to a T and are the brains behind beautiful hair! So say goodbye to dry, bleachy straw like hair and hello to silky soft, sun-kissed locks.

Our stylists know what is best for your hair to ensure it stays in tip top condition during and inbetween colour services, and with the wonders of Wellaplex, chemical damage is minimised as this treatment works to reconstruct the inner hair bonds, actively creating stronger and healthier coloured hair! (Just ask your AG stylist about Wellaplex during any salon visit!)

There is no better feeling than getting your hair done and walking out the salon feeling like a 10! But for so many of us, we abandon our hair and think results like this are only possible through visiting the salon. Ummm, wrong! After care (especially on blonde hair) is super important for maintaining colour and keeping it healthy inbetween services. Caring for your hair will also make your colour last much, much longer! This is where System Professional hair care range comes in! You can purchase tailored hair products from any AG salon, which are unique and work specifically to your hair type! To discover your personalised EnergyCode, visit:…

There are many ways to go with colouring your hair, full head of colour, highlights, balayage… Which one is right for you? We offer free hair consultations to all our clients, so we can recommend what’s the most effective for lightening your hair! But this season, we’re fully crushing on balayage! Balayage works on ANY hair colour and it the perfect way to lighten up your locks for that natural, sun-kissed look to your hair.