It's a little dull outside, and the cold weather is really lingering. How does Team AG get through these wintery months? WE GET CREATIVE!

Our team are super excited to experiment with Wella Professionals latest colour range; Colour Fresh CREATE. If you thought pastel looks were daring; brace yourself for this semi permanent palette of 12 pure vibrant hair colours (plus one clear shade) that will help you to achieve this season's rainbow hair trend!

For those who aren't too sure about going full on colour, the vibrant colours can be toned down leaving a warm pink, subtle blue or maybe a soft green. If you go full on colour or softer tones the colours fades true to tone. You won't be left with that brassy colour, or muddy green after a few washes!

Team AG have been busy on their clients hair, and have already created some amazing #hairinspo!