Wella have totally upped their game and taken getting creative with colour to a whole new level, for one of the biggest trends they’ve predicted to land in 2018!

For anyone who isn't too sure what we're talking about when we use the term 'non-touring', let us give you the low down… Wella’s inspiration sparked from the non-touring make-up technique that is very soft on the skin, revealing a dewy and glossy glow. Still don't know what non-touring is? Think Gigi Hadid and her iconic 'no make-up' make-up!

With Wella's non-touring shift, statement hair styles are softened and hair is infused with warmth while blending sharp contrasts. It is a seamless transition from the skin colour to the hair, visibly fading the hairline, resulting in a soft and subtle natural shimmer - Wella. Like what you see? Chat to your AG team about how they could achieve this beaut look, just in time for Spring!

Products used: Illumina, Color, Blondor Multi Blond Powder, Wellaplex, Color Touch and ColorFreshCREATE.